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Our Mill

The Astrié Mills were designed in the 60s by Pierre & André Astrié.  Brothers who claimed they had never manufactured two identical mills.  Each mill benefited from the technical development and mechanical ingenuity of the previous mill.

Traditionally, stone mills crush the grains under the weight of a running stone.  Pierre & André created a mill that would use granite stones to shave layers instead.  The shaved grain, without the exterior envelope, provides a "perfect" flour that is easily digestible and nutritious. 

The bran on the exterior layer is acidic and irritating to our intestinal lining, so they aimed to get rid of the bran.  Mechanically, they use two stones which are separated by a spring that allows sufficient space between them, but close enough to open the grain without crushing it.

With this simple modification, the Astrié Mill produces a freshly ground flour, full of vitamins.