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Our Coffee

Heritage Grand Bakery is proud to partner with Vassilaros Coffee Company, a historical 4th generation, New York City,  family coffee business. 

We created our exclusive, specialty coffee blends and Single Origin offerings, through their new specialty coffee project called Evil Eye, serving some of the finest coffees sourced from committed coffee producers around the globe. 

Coffee is the most consumed beverage in the United States and provides a number of mental and physical benefits, including the distinct pleasure ,when enjoying a truly delicious cup of coffee. Therefore, we are committed to serving high grade specialty coffee in all our drinks, from our filtered and espresso, to our Single Origin Pour-Over program.  We celebrate emerging coffee trends, sustainable farms, and brewing techniques that provide flavor and culture.

Specialty coffee refers to the highest quality of coffee available on the market. The quality of coffee is graded on a 100-point scale,  and coffees that score 80 and above are labeled as specialty coffee. 

Most coffee used in many coffee shops are blends, where the beans originate from multiple countries to create a unique flavor, just like our own House Blend.

Single Origin coffee is entirely sourced from one country, and hopefully, just one ‘washing station’. The reason for this is so that we can taste as much of the unadulterated flavor of the bean as possible, as well as all the natural complexity that the coffee bean has to offer, without it being muddied by the taste of coffees from other regions or countries. 

Pour-Over coffee is a manual brew method to get a complex, personalized, clean cup of coffee.  Pour-Over differs from drip filter coffee in that you can control every variable of the brewing process to extract the best out of the beans as possible.. 

This is why it is a brew method that pairs well with Single Origin coffee, as you can manually control the brewing, to bring out the best of the coffee in each cup.

We strive to evolve and look forward to incorporating modern trends in the coffee industry, including ethical sourcing, sustainability, Third-Wave coffee (coffee recipes and sizes) with an emphasis always on the taste of the coffee itself.

Click here to learn more about: Vassilaros Coffee Company